Making a sandwich with Mr. Bean

Sandwich lesson (Mr. Bean)

This lesson falls under the category of describing a “How to” process. Students will look at step-by-step picture representation of how to make a butter, lettuce, and fish sandwich. Based on their level, give them simple vocabulary and repeat-phrases they can use to complete the task. After students have written their description (simply), have them share what they wrote, then show them the video of Mr. Bean’s lunch break. This is bound to get some laughs out of them. Perhaps they should have been more detailed?

Topic: “How to” process description writing lesson
Level: SHS third year (or elective class/ higher level students)
Class Size: Any size (between 5-25 students is ideal)
Running Time: Two 45 min lessons


1) The worksheets (see link)

2) Any props needed to explain new vocabulary (see step 2)

3) A means to show a video (TV or projector)

4) The video of Mr. Bean making a sandwich on a lunch break.  Mr. Bean lunch break video

1) Give the students the first worksheet “Making a Sandwich” with 6-steps picture representation of making a sandwich (the downloadable worksheet is blank, as I drew the pictures by hand. Draw in your own pictures before copying. Watch the video to get an idea of the sandwich ingredients. 1-slice the bread 2- spread on the butter 3- wash the lettuce and put it on 4- put on the fish 5- grind the pepper and sprinkle it on 6- put the two halves together. Making katakana notes in the pictures like “レタス” for lettuce is helpful if your drawing skills are minimal)

2) Go over new vocabulary, and teach how to use it with examples. Any props might be helpful here (if you have an old stale piece of bread and a plastic butter knife you can demonstrate the action of ‘spread’ and show what order to write it “spread the ___ on the bread”

3) Have your students write their own descriptions of each picture. Step 1 goes on line 1, etc. Students should be encouraged to use dictionaries and be as specific as their abilities allow.

4) Have some students share what they wrote. Write these different interpretations on the board, and give everyone suggestions of acceptable descriptions for each line.

5) Show the video.

6) Explain to the students that Mr. Bean must not have understood their directions clearly enough. Teach the phrase ‘with a ____’ (i.e. with a knife), and other details that can be added to the descriptions to make it clearer.

7) Give students the rest of the time to try to add phrases to their description and make it clearer. If time, have students share their changes.


1) Give students the next worksheet, “My Sandwich”. In this one, students will first draw their own step-by-step pictures of how to make a sandwich of their choice (or anything really, one of my students drew a pizza and a worked out fine).

2) Students describe each step of their own sandwich in English. If time, have them add color to their pictures.

3) Have students share their work, and/or show it off on your English bulletin board or somewhere else around the school.


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